1. When did winemaking begin?

A. 8.000 years ago     
B. 6.000 years ago 
C. 4.000 years ago

2. Which ancient writer wrote a treatise on viticulture ?

A. Homer     
B. Livy     

C. Pliny the Elder

3. The phrase ‘wine of patriots’ (‘vin du patriote’) refers to which war? ?

A. The Napoleonic Wars     
B. The Franco-Prussian War    

C. The First World

4. In which year did phylloxera first appeared in Europe?

A. 1833     
B. 1863    
C. 1893

5. Which wine-growing region does not produce the sauvignon grape variety?

A. Burgundy     
B. Côtes du Rhône    
C. Bordeaux

6. When did the Romanée-Conti domain adopt its current name?

A. 1760     
B. 1794     
C. 1936 

7. When did sparkling champagne start being sold in special bottles?

A. 1655
B. 1695
C. 1735

8. The Château Haut-Brion once belonged to which great landowning family?

A. The Ségur family     
B. The Rothschild family    

C. The Pontac family

9. What does AOC mean?

A. Appellation d'origine contrôlée

B. Appellation d'origine certifiée

C. Appellation d'origine communale

10. How many hectolitres of wine did France export in 2018?

A. 12,4 millions
B. 14,2 millions
C. 10,6 millions